The Sedation Dentistry Difference

UPDATE: We are now located in the Doctors Building north of St. Francis hospital.  We are on the Northwest corner (Suite 106).  Please park on the west side.

We have also changed our name to Modern Dentistry.  A new website will follow in the coming months.

We still do sedation, but our new name reflects our approach to dental care and sets us apart from the traditional dental practice.  We are concerned with your entire health, not just whether or not you have cavities.  Do you snore?  Do you breathe through your mouth?  Do your gums bleed when you brush?  Do you brush and floss and still get cavities?  Are you teeth wearing down?  All of these things affect your overall health and wellness.  You can not be healthy with an unhealthy mouth.  Go to to find out how healthy your mouth is.  Then give us a call to figure out how to make it healthier.