Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry is an option for people who get nervous, anxious or desire to be more comfortable during long dental procedures. People who experience panic attacks, have needle phobias, can’t sit still for long periods of time, or are concerned about pain may be good candidates for sedation.

Sedation can be administered three ways:

Orally (by pill) - Allows patients to be relaxed but aware.  It takes the edge off for slightly nervous patients.

Inhalation (nitrous gas) - Allows patients to be pleasantly relaxed while allowing them to be aware of what is happening around them.  It also is helpful in pain management during procedures.

IV (intravenous) -  Allows patients to be relaxed and comfortable with little to no memory of the procedure afterwards.  Patients will need someone to drive them home and be with them for up to six hours after the procedure as the medications leave their system.

The option you choose will depend on your health and individual situation.

Many of our patients do great without any sedation at all.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

  • For urgent cases, we have specific appointment times set aside each day.  Call early to make sure we can see you the same day.
  • For hygiene appointments (after an initial exam has been performed), we can accommodate patients within several days.
  • For new patients, we have special appointment times each week and can accommodate you quickly.

What if I am going to be late or have to cancel my appointment?

We depend on our patients to help us control our schedule.  This helps keep our fees as low as possible.  We work hard to provide timely appointments so you do not have to wait days or weeks to see Dr. Neuhaus.  We also work hard to make sure patients don't have a long wait after they arrive for their appointment.  We want to have plenty of time to spend with you to serve your needs.  In return, we ask all patients to commit to their appointment and be on time.

We understand that circumstances may arise that may prevent you from arriving on time or keeping your scheduled appointment.  If this happens, please call as soon as possible so we can reschedule your appointment and do our best to make the time available for someone else.

We understand there may be some anxiety with your scheduled procedure.  If this occurs please call our office and talk to us.  We want to help.

How do I know if being sedated is right for me?

Not everyone is a candidate for sedation. If you are concerned about not being in complete control, you will want to discuss this with our team.  This will enable us to determine the best process and whether or not sedation dentistry is the right fit for you.

Can dentistry be done without sedation at our practice?

Absolutely!  Many of our patients do great without any sedation measures at all.  No one should feel pressured to have sedation for any procedure.

Can I just get my teeth cleaned?

By law, Dr. Neuhaus must first perform an exam to determine your oral health and whether your condition(s) require something different than a cleaning.  Please call us to discuss what this entails and the fees associated with an oral exam.

Can sedation be used for cleanings and exams?

Yes.  If you feel that sedation would make you more comfortable during your cleaning and/or exam, we can discuss this as an option.

What are the fees associated with sedation?

It is difficult to provide fee estimates prior to an oral exam by Dr. Neuhaus.  The good news is, a consultation with Dr. Neuhaus is complimentary.  We encourage you to call to schedule a consultation if you are curious about the cost of a procedure.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and CareCredit.

What about insurance?

As a courtesy to you, we are happy to file claims to your insurance.  We are in network with BlueCross BlueShield, Delta Dental, Ameritas, and Principal.